Monday, March 26, 2012

'e Proposal

It was an interesting day...Alhamdulillah and praise to Allah The Al-Mighty, Creator of the Universe
having a birthday on the Gregorian calendar and at the same time, feeling a bit older than before was something that everyone will have to face in real life. I am no longer young although some says that I'm still at my 20's...hahaha..owh how i wish!

Well the real birthdate is 13 Rabi'ul Awwal 1395H and as what i can remember, it is a day after the born of Rasululllah S.A.W (Peace be upon him). Alhamdulillah...praise to Allah for giving me such a great life full of obstacles, full of hardships, tears and laughters to make me stronger than before.

There are lots of wishes and du'a from friends and families wishing me good health, good life, here in the world and Hereafter...Thanks a trillion for the Du'a and I pray to Allah S.W.T to grant all your Du'a...Aaamin

And then...there's a proposal from someone, someone who wish to grant one of my Du'a and hope that this is the right day to propose. Unfortunately, as much as i want my Du'a is granted by Allah, it is not appropriate and not right at all to take what other's own. It is not right at all, especially without the other party's permission. It is not right to hurt other's heart and it is not right to own other's property. Well, let's just assume it's a very lame joke from a friend who is naif, narrow minded and who does not know how to appreciate someone that he already have and that someone really loves him...i'm wondering, where are those people who are still searching...are they not searching enough including me or are we just feel very content with what we have become today. I don't have the answer even to my own questions ???

I pray to Allah to Protect me from sin directly and indirectly, from fitnah, from someone's bad intentions -"dan dari segala kejahatan dunya samada dari makhluk atau jin, dan dari syaitan yang direjam". And May Allah protects us all.

Saya tidak mahu menjadi seperti apa yang dikatakan oleh Saidina Umar Al-Khattab r.a ini:
"Barangsiapa menempatkan dirinya di tempat yg menimbulkan persangkaan maka janganlah menyesal kalau orang menyangka buruk padanya"

I leave it all to Allah. He is the Most Gracious and The Most Understanding. He knows Best and I always believe it.

Allahu Ta'ala A'lam.
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