Monday, June 13, 2011

New Improvement on AirAsia Web Check In

Monday - while checking my email, there is an email from AirAsia promoting adds-on for my flight to hometown on Friday night. Normally, i used to do my web check in 48 hours before the boarding. It's a try out for today and guess what...wallaaa
The web check in is available and it can be done more than 48hours before the boarding. I get the front middle seat compared to previous check in and the web check in for flying back to KL can also be done online. So, i don't have to waste my time waiting for more than 1 hour at the airport and check-in at the counter.
The next time i travel back home, i can check in earlier and get the middle seats and later, go straight to the boarding gate and wait for the flight to fly back home :-)

I guess, this is one of the most convenience services that AirAsia has offered to their customers and passengers...

kerrr??? saya yang baru sedar :-))
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