Sunday, November 8, 2009

128GB Data Traveler Pendrive

DataTraveler 200 - 128 GB from Kingston is already in the market. The storage is becoming more and more tinier's funny that i still have a 40GB notebook with me and i'm still using it till now...but changing the operating system to Karmic Koala instead of using windows xp home...

with this 128GB you can have thousands of musics inside and hundreds of movies to watch while you're on the road or travelling...

but...when it comes to working purpose, though it is very light and easy to bring even in your pocket, the safety issues arise and we have to know the office protocol on having the information mobile especially the sensitive data or information. Is it ethical or allowable for us to bring it around with us and is it permissible to bring it outside the office? Well, it depends on the office policies and what information should be allowed to bring outside.

Though the 128GB pendrive will definitely make our life easier for not carrying a bulky external hard disk around, again...we need to look at the safety issues...and information leakage especially the top secret information will definitely make our life miserable...

moreover, the cost is too high...around thousand++ per unit. u can buy more than 2 units of 640GB of external hard disk with that cost...:-)

well...i should think it over and over again before buying the small and compact 128GB pendrive...hehehe
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