Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Travellingbie : A Short Course to Terengganu and a Visit to a Beautiful Redang Island

Last has been a very hectic week with 3 days course at Terengganu and a short weekend back to hometown - a very tight course and a half day visit to Redang Island. The course was very tiring...the journey from Putrajaya to Setiu added up with a lost track journey ended up with more than 10 hour the night session started at 830pm and ended up at 11pm, made us all exhausted!

The last day session - we have a visit and tour to Redang Island. Though everyone seems tired, we're very excited for the half-day tour to the Redang Island (around the island) and snorkelling activity and feed the fish...yup! We were all excited...some of us, have bought new t-shirts at Pasar Besar Payang the day before. I've met my senior there for nearly half an hour...then i went back to the hotel with others.

Enjoy the photos :-) they describes everything that cannot be expressed by words!
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