Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Negative Feelings Can Make You Unhealthy!

Why negative feelings can make you unhealthy?

Lately, i've been surrounded by negative energy and feelings that caused me to demotivate in work and life. I always ask myself, why i have these feelings...over and over again, think and thinking hard to find what causes me, so demotivated nowadays...then, i realized that, the negative feelings and energy in me because of the negative thinking towards what i need to do , how i see people arround me, how i react with something bad or something that i dont like doint it, what i plan to do in the future and much more!

There are several factors that can lead to negative energy and feeling:
  • when the planning suddenly failed because of the internal and external factors - the unplanned assignment from bosses, the behaviour and attitude of people surround me and the drive to make the planning successful is not strong enough in the person itself!;
  • being around certain individuals or groups of people who always gossipping, react negatively on things, will eventually makes you feel discomforts and exhausts;
  • being around with toxic and angry people is also draining and lower down your energy;
  • and the most important thing is your feeling towards yourself. If you feel that you're useless, then...you will be easily affected by the external factors because your internal factors is not strong enough to protect your positive energy and feelings.
Believe it or not!.....When you have more negative energy and feelings around you, you tend to feel sick easily...you tend to have a problem in digestion, you heart beat started to pump quickly, you blood will easily goes up and many other problems.

I've experienced some of the symptoms and it affected me badly - my energy level goes down tremendously, my mood swinging around, my work affected badly, and when i'm reaching home, i'm to exhausted to do anything....and ended up doing nothing!

The symptom goes on and on...and i cannot afford to have the negative feeling and energy around me for so long. So, what i did was:
  • taking B-COmplex that can release the stress hormon from my body. B-COmplex has been shown to be beneficial for the following symptoms: Anxiety and Stress, Convalescence and Fatigue, Dermatitis, Diverticulitis, Poor Hair Condition and Tinnitus (http://www.vitaminuk.com/pages/articles/vitaminbcomplex.htm & http://www.bodybuildingforyou.com/vitamins-minerals/vitamin-b-complex.html);
  • learn how to shield myself from negative people, so that i won't easily affected and taking someone's negative energy by cocooning myself to the center and surrounded myself with protective light (motivate yourself with motivation words and quotes, avoid hanging around with negative people, if you accidentally find yourself being around with negative energy, recover yourself quickly by cleaning the energy and replace it with your positive energy by singing, bath shower, spending time with nature, going to spa, exercising, a simple break and other activities that may recharge your energy;
  • Search for the positive energy in your daily activities - praying, seeking knowledge, reading, meditating, mingle around with those who you think can increase your energy, doing charity works and others.
There are many many ways not to feel negative and having a bad energy in ourself. However, not many of us, are strong enough to fight and remove the bad and negatvie energy in our body. At the end, we tend to blame others for the stress we have in our life, we also blame others for the unfinish work that has been assigned to us, we keep on blaiming others for the miserable personal and work life we have, for having little money and living in the way that we did not want to have and the worst thing is....we tend to blame God for all the misfortune and unlucky things happen in our life!

My advice...especially to myself...STOP blaming others, stop gossiping, stop nagging, stop complaining for unnecessary things.
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