Monday, February 9, 2009

Travellingbie : Girls' Day Out @ Cheng Ho Restaurant

Lunch date on last Saturday at Cheng Ho Restaurant, Wangsa Maju with my friends' friends and also my friends was really fun and enjoyable. We arrived at the restaurant nearly at 1215pm. However, the reataurant was closed. Assuming that the restaurant was closed during public holiday, we entered Hajaba's Boutique just to window shopping while waiting for others to arrive. After 15 minutes and more in the shop, we walk out and found out that the restaurant just opened. Apalagi...masuk dalam restoran dan order makanan...tapi, tak jumpa pulak dengan Amy Search hari tu...hehehe
The food was really nice. The Meehon Goreng Singapore cost us about Rm15.90 and more than 2 person can eat the Mee Hoon. Though the food was a bit expensive, it is really satisfying because the food was really tasty and delicious.
The menu chosen were really delicious and tasty...sedapnya tak terkata! After the lunch, everybody had a really full stomach...puas hati semua orang..:)
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