Friday, September 19, 2008

What!!!...only RM15.90???

Last weekend, while waiting for my friend in MPH Mid Valley searching for her book, i look around and found something that interest me...An Illustrated Biography - Mahathir Mohamad by E.Yu.

This is something different. An illustrated biography....that i think, it's difficult to find a biography book that is fully illustrated-cartoon somemore.

i browse thru the book....interesting and eye-catching. Kids will be able to understand, adult will feel excitement of reading and i'm really really sure that many will agree with me - fun,interesting,eye-catching, and the price....unbelieveable! after looking at glance, i check on the price and it suprised me...i check on the price few there something wrong with my eyes or it's just me who did not expect the price is that reasonable. With a few hundreds pages, and fully illustrated, it only cost me RM15.90. Then, I must buy this book!.

Lucky that time, the illustrator and writer of the book will be in the store to have book signing and a brief session introducing his book...lucky me...lucky me...lucky me...hehehehe...i have a book with the author signature, and some of the books i bought in Book Fair last April also have the author signature...

The book signing and the session went and my friend manage to take photos with the author and it's kinda funny to watch him explaining about the book because this is his first time ever having a session like that...tau-taujelah camner session tu...a bit kelamkabut but in a funny way.

There goes my collection of books...dah penuh dah rak buku...plan to add some more book shelf for my collections later.

I include the book description courtesy from MPH BookStore.

Eugene Yu has created a comic strip chronicling the life of Dr Mahathir Mohamad on the time he was born till his retirement as the fourth Prime Minister.

“Everyone in Malaysia know that Dr Mahathir was the Prime Minister of Malaysia but that’s about it. So, to know more about him, I started reading all the books on Dr Mahathir that I could find in the market. And guess what? Words can’t describe the admiration and respect I had for him after that.

This book will attract readers especially younger readers to know more about Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and perhaps they too would admire, respect and love him like I do”
- E. Yu, taken from the foreword

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