Thursday, September 18, 2008

Travellingbie : A short trip, memorable journey....

Salam Ramadhan...
i've just went back to Kota Kinabalu for a very short working trip... did happen when there's nobody to ask around to come for the meeting and...hey...there's someone who is available and free at that moment and...guess's me!
With a very short notice and furthermore the letter came in late to my boss's hand...there's me to receive a last minute order from the Leftenan...

some did said that i'm being a scapegoat...whenever there's nobody...i'll be around to replace all the officer, some did said that i'm lucky to fly to Sabah for 2D1N just to attend the meeting and 'jalan-jalan'...and some did remind me to go to Filipina market, the famous place in KK....well...we'll see about that if i have time to shop and tour around.

but for the very first thought have been negatively saying that i'm being a scapegoat in the the 2nd thought...'tak baik buruk sangka....anggaplah aku sebagai penyelamat keadaan'...well...i better follow my 2nd thought then...

The ticket booking was made and there i am...flying high at 455pm to Kota Kinabalu...and the plane was a little bit delayed, and i reach KK around 815pm. The journey went well...however, MAS should provide a better meal as the meal provided was not acceptional at all...they should practice what Airasia has been practising - sell the delicious food in plane and reduce the ticket fare as much as what Airasia did or even better.

The feeling -
Well..i honestly don't know what to expect as it's like a blind date...
i don't know how to react and since i reached there at night, i cannot see much... i reached the meeting place...nearly at 9pm, get the room, refresh myself and went for a meeting that starts at 9pm till nearly 12 midnight and yet i still have the energy to move around and think! Thank God for giving me this energy which i don't know where it comes from...

the sahur was at 4am, it's weird thouuu....sahur kat kl jam 5am...kat sini awal sejam...well, i better get used to it.
the morning sessions starts at 730am, finalizing all the discussion and matters arises.
hmmm...after the session ended...lucky me, i have been told that there's a transport to bring me to Filipina Market...minds blowing...mind blowing...what else can i buy there besides some 'pesanan' from friends....well...we'll see later

since my flight to KL was at 535pm, i have enough and ample time to shop around and jalan-jalan a bit...unfortunately for me as there was a heavy rain in will not be fun enough with wet dresses and wet shops...but, 'redah je la. dah alang-alang sampai'.
with the money in the pocket...hmmm...i dont think that's enough to shop around
the tentalizing variety of crsytal rings, bracelet, chain and others...sampaikan rambang mata nak pilih yang mana satu....think...think...think only what u need and 'pesanan dari kawan-kawan' :)

finally...i bought the 'rantai mutiara' for my friend, brooches for Hari Raya, t-shirt for myself, fridge magnet for my fridge, 'ikan keropok' for my cousin and for Hari Raya, 'ikan bilis, udang kering, sotong kering, dan amplang for my sister' - i thought amplang was some kind of fish..and now i know what is amplang...heheheh. i end up spending nearly RM300 for that kind of thing and not to mention that most of the things was not for me...hehehehe...biasala tu..after the shopping thing, we went to 'jalan-jalan'. Because of the heavy rain, we can't come out from the car...nevermind then, at least i've been there - to mentions some of the places - Masjid Negeri, Bangunan Persekutuan, Pejabat Ketua Menteri, UMS, IBorneo Mall, Pasar Kota Kinabalu and along the shore.

the pictures taken was not really good because of the bad weather...feel free to see some of the pictures at

i have to say that, the short notice ordered to go to KK was a, i can tell my friends that i've been traveling all over Malaysia....hehehehe...and that just complete my list of travel lists in Malaysia. Labuan will be the next spot...InsyaAllah.
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