Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ramadhan 1438H - Day 13

Ramadhan day 13 InsyaAllah

The magic of sadaqah is real.
You give 2 pack of sampul raya to your friends as sadaqah, in return you get RM50 from other friends for the needy.

Sadaqah with sadaqah is tremendously powerful. You'll never know how much you get in return. So...keep on giving sadaqah, no matter small or big or huge your sadaqah is. The reward from Allah is extremely huge, gigantic and enormous InsyaAllah­čśŐ

Tips for life : If you want a piece of mind and soul, give sadaqah. The effect is immediate, InsyaAllah­čśŐ

Regardless on how many you give, Allah swt will not evaluate how much amount you give. It is not based on the more amount of money or effortt you contribute the more rewards you will get. It's the heart that, give and give and give, publicly or secretly and sincerely.

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