Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ekspresi : Flawless

Tertanya juga macamana la diorang ni boleh dapat muka yang sangat flawless, selain dari makeup dan pembedahan plastik.

Sekarang nie seolah-olah penyakit bila ramai yang addicted kepada KDrama. Paling terbaru Goblin, Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Descendants of the sun, Hwarang, Legend of the blue sea dan lain lain lagi. 

Pelakon-pelakon mereka mempunyai muka yang sangat flawless sama ada pelakon lelaki atau wanita. Di samping kesan yang mungkin disebabkan oleh pembedahan plastik, kulit yang berseri dan flawless tidak boleh dimiliki dengan pembedahan. Penjagaan rutin harian yang sempurna menjadikan kulit seseorang nampak lebih sihat dan menampakkan lebih muda dari umurnya.
Menurut artikel ini, terdapat beberapa habit yang perlu dilakukan untuk mendapatkan kulit yang flawless:
  1. Bring Your Sheet Mask to the Gym >> Cotton sheet masks are the biggest Korean beauty craze of the moment 
  2. Treat Yourself to a (Face) Massage >> By using your knuckles or fingertips to massage the muscles and tissue under your skin, you'll increase blood circulation and get the oxygen flowing through your face, which in turn will keep your skin glowing and radiant. Massaging daily also helps to firm and tone your facial muscles to help fight wrinkles and prevent the skin from aging over time. 
  3. Never Wash Your Face Just Once >> "Double-cleansing," the first step is the notorious 10-step process 
  4. Slap Your Face—Hard >> Following the same logic as facial massage, women in Korea will slap their faces about 50 times after finishing their daily skincare regimen to get blood circulation going and firm up the face muscles.
  5. Make Your Rice Do Double Duty >> Women in Korea have a long history of making their own rice water to wash their face because of the long-established skin benefits. 
  6. Take Your Bath Towels to the Bedroom >> Winter months in Korea are notoriously cold, so humidifiers are commonly used to keep the skin hydrated when the air gets dry. 
  7. Wear Protective Accessories (Even When You Aren't at the Beach) >> Korean women take a preventative approach to aging at a very young age by using sunblock everytime they go out.
  8. Add Ginseng to Your Diet >> Ginseng is one ingredient that's been the hallmark of Korean beauty for a really long time, and really kicked off the Korean skin care market.
Tambahan untuk kita yang beragama Islam, serikan dan awet mudakan muka dengan air wudhu' dan mandi air sejuk sebelum subuh.

Selamat mencuba. Semoga mendapat muka dan hati yang flawless sentiasa. :)
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