Monday, October 22, 2012

Travellingbie : Week 4 Survival

Tuesday - The 'meeting' assignment is done with a good comment from the facilitator.  Our chairperson was very effective enough to avoid conflict and topic discussed out of the agenda by the member of the floor. Another assignments and assessment await us till the end of the week and more assignment to go for the remaining 3 weeks. huhhh...the stress level is getting higher.

Friday - we have the educational visits to Oil and Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC), Seria and Methanol Plant at Sungai Liang. The whole day visit was informative and at the same time, tiring.

Saturday - group presentations for all group about World Englishes for Asean were held and unfortunately some of our group member has presented it badly, and the most embarrassing part was, one of the group member keep on asking for a good grade from the facilitator and when one the the participants commented on the content, he responded negatively. huhhh...we should not allow him to present again after this. "malu jak kamek orang dalam kumpulan ya".

After the presentation, our bruneian friends brought us to eat outside...and it was a steamboat..yeayyyy! we are not having our common food for lunch. The food was yummylicious and we ate a lot, that i forgot, i have my medical review after that.
When i went for the medical review, the doctor told me that i have a high blood pressure. I was suspected to have a high blood pressure...aduiiii. It was 150/90. I think, that was because of the stress for the whole week, the stress on the presentation and the food i ate in the afternoon and some more steamboat with lots of ajinomoto..i guess. The doctor advised me to come again to check on the BP rate before going to hawaii. hmmm/...i really need to control my food and my stress level in order to avoid high BP rate.

There goes my week 4 survival, with many of stress incidents and i hope the coming week will slow down and lower down my BP rate. More healthy food, less stress or stress-free, relax myself even though the assignments and assessments are killing us all. and the more important thing is to be near to ALLAH. More prayer, more Quran recitation and du'a in everyday's life. :)

Sentiasa ingat akan janji Allah swt di dalam al Quran yang bermaksud,
” … Barangsiapa bertaqwa kepada Allah, nescaya Dia akan membukakan jalan keluar bagiNya, dan Dia memberinya rezeki dari arah yang tidak disangka-sangkanya. Dan barangsiapa bertawakkal kepada Allah, nescaya Allah akan mencukupkan (keperluan)nya. Sesungguhnya Allah melaksanakan urusanNya. Sungguh, Allah telah mengadakan ketentuan bagi setiap sesuatu.” – ( Surah At-Talaq, 65: 2-3)

“Ya Allah, aku berlindung denganMu daripada dukacita dan rasa sedih; aku berlindung denganMu daripada lemah dan malas; aku berlindung denganMu daripada sifat pengecut dan bakhil; dan aku berlindung denganMu daripada bebanan hutang dan penindasan orang.”

"Take your seat on the shore. Listen to the ancient voice in the waves. Taste the salt of life on your tongue. Run your fingers through the eternal sand. Breathe deeply. If you find yourself worrying about your cell phone and emails, if you find yourself feeling guilty that you should be doing “something important,” breathe deeply again. And again. Breathe deeply until every fabric of your being is reminded that this, being here, is your top priority. This is peace. This is wisdom. The work is a means to living, but this is the living."- Brian Vaszil

"In times of great stress or adversity, it's always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive."- Lee Iacoca

"Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one."-Hans Selye

"Stress is like spice - in the right proportion it enhances the flavor of a dish. Too little produces a bland, dull meal; too much may choke you."~Donald Tubesing

‎‎"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it."~Mary Engelbreit

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