Monday, June 20, 2011

Another story of a typical Malaysian services-An open letter to Tony Fernandes

Dear tony,

I just made a compliment of your web-check in services at my blog. However, after a few days and exactly 5 days, I have to take back the compliment because of your airasia terrible services in flight schedule and what you call re-timed of the flight.

My flight back from Kuching to KL on 18 June 2011 was scheduled at 1010pm and I estimated the plane to arrive just nice @ LCCT before 12 midnight as I have to get the bus to salak tinggi erl station and take the erl to putrajaya and then get my car at putrajaya car park to go back home. U see, there are so many routes I have to take in order to reach home.

However, when I was at the boarding gate, your staff didn't mention about the flight delay...and as I walk in to the boarding gate, I saw the time has changed to 1040pm. 
Surprisingly, there is no announcement made to the so called re-timed. At nearly 10pm, the announcement has been made and guess what! the flight has been re-timed again at 1120pm. I was just too dissapointed with the delayed announcement and with that announcement I know I have to stay back and sleep at the airport. The bus to KLIA ends at 1230pm.

Do you know that how many hours of a wasted time I have to bear because of your flight delayed and how many sleepless night I have to encounter because I can't get the bus to erl and erl to Putrajaya because of your flight delayed???
I have encountered more than 10 times of your flight delayed and few times I have to sleep at the airport and the next day I have to go to the office with headache because of the sleepless night. I don't think you will consider it as one of your problem, because you are not in my shoes and others' shoes.

I have been flying with airasia since you started the services, and now, i'm flying almost every month from KL to Kuching. despite the positive changes such as web-check in services introduce to the passengers, i also see many negative changes made that affected the passengers with charges to your passengers and it's getting higher and higher. Your luggage rules and regulations become more strict and annoying days by days, your steward and stewardess services to the customers are not as good as before and they become more arrogant day by day. And not to mention the food, the packaging has become more smaller compared to previous days.

I don't know, how on earth airasia received so many awards locally and internationally for the services as the flight always delayed, the human factors in airasia has slowly diminish nowadays.

And because of the delayed, I have to pay double for the bus services to KLIA as it is after 12mindnight and even higher if I take a cab. The bus ticket seller told me that it cost me RM160 just to send me to KLIA if I were to take the cab. The bus ticket seller then charge me RM5-RM8 just to send me to KLIA because there is no other bus that is willing to take only 1 or 2 passengers to KLIA. I once reach KLIA, I have to have a sleepless night there before taking my first ERL to Putrajaya early in  the morning, then I have to pay more than double for the car park charges. You see, everything is charging me more than double because of your flight delayed. That is the price I have to pay and I put the blame on you! 
And not to mention that, it is become more dangerous especially for ladies to go back home after 12midnight. Can you take the responsibility if tomorrows newspaper reports that airasia passengers has been murdered or kidnapped or anything bad happen while he/she was travelling back home late night because of the flight delayed?
How can you repay me for all the loses I have been encountered since the day I'm using your airasia service? The time that has been wasted because of the flight delayed, the price that I have to pay because of all the double or tripple charges, the dissapointment and frustration that have been  in the heart of every can you repay that???

Your KPI should be focused more on punctuality. I don't think, punctuality is your main concern. It is always a cheap rate for passengers, although it is not so cheap nowadays. If this is the case, your motto should be changed to - "everyone can fly with cheap rate and delayed flight!"

I hope, you can find ways to solve the delayed is not everything when it comes to servicing the customers and customers always come first. With the arrival of Firefly now with affordable rates, even myself and my friends are eyeing the promo deals from Firefly. airasia is not my primary mode of transportation nowadays and I believe that others are finding the alternative ways to fly besides airasia.

~From a frustrated passenger~
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