Monday, July 13, 2009

Public Speaking...

my hands shivered and cold...
my heart pounds so quickly that wanna make me faint...'s only a public speaking in front of my colleagues this morning, but i felt like i'm in the middle of the crowd...nonsense je :))

Well...this morning i'm sharing a Travelling Tips with my colleagues. The travelling tips for those who feel that when travelling they need to spend so much money that they cannot afford to do it but they are dreaming of travelling abroad or even in their own country. For those who are dying to have a vacation, either in the country or abroad, you can actually. With a proper planning u can have a dream vacation of your own!

Travelling doesn't need you to spend more than what u have.
  1. Plan your travel - choose the off-peak time to get a better and cheaper rates and packages;
  2. Eyeing on the promotional fare for the air-ticket, package deals and hotels;
  3. Try Budget Hotels rather than staying the the hotels or star hotels. After all, it is only the place where you clean-up yourself, and take a rest;
  4. Subscribe for the Newsletter or Mailing List from the travelling or airfare website such as Airasia, TravelAsia and others;
  5. Bring your digital camera. If you cannot afford to shop, you can have a window shopping, capture a memorable places and interesting place that u visit;
  6. If you plan to shop during your vacation, list down all the things you want to shop to minimize unnecessary buying thing during the vacation. This is to avoid overspending while enjoying your vacation...

I hope, this tips will benefit u the most and u can still save while enjoying your dream vacation!


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