Saturday, June 20, 2009

Walk a little slower...

i've found this beautiful poem about a father...feel free to read it and enjoy!
Dedicated specially to my belated dad...Al-Fatihah and to all dedicated and beloved fathers in the world.

Walk a little slower

Walk a little slower, Daddy,
Said a little child so small.
I'm following in your footsteps
And I don't want to fall.

Sometimes your steps are very fast,
Sometimes they are hard to see;
So, walk a little slower, Daddy,
For you are leading me.

Someday when I'm all grown up,
You're what I want to be;
Then I will have a little child
Who'll want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right,
And know that I was true;
So walk a little slower, Daddy,
For I must follow you.
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