Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day 2009 - Is Earth Happy With Us???

Happy Earth Day!
22nd April 2009 has been declared as the Earth Day in 1970. It has been 39 years Earth celebrating its official day...what about the years before...doesn't everyday is an Earth Day?...

What is our contribution in conserving the earth we live?
  • do we recycle things and stuff that can be recycled?
  • do we re-use?
  • do we consume the earthy product or we go for the cheaper product?
  • do we reduce our excessive consumption?
  • do we
  • do we
  • n do we ???
Let's start in our house we we use and consume:
  • energy saving appliances
  • environmental air filters
  • eco-friendly water-filters, battery charges
  • recycle paper tissues
  • organic hair care
  • natural personal care and skin care
  • sustainable wood for bedroom and bedding
  • natural and organic material for clothes
  • long-lasting, non-toxic, sustainably built items of natural wood, organic fabrics for furnitures
  • and other natural, non-toxic, organic product in life?
Me, myself doesn't use all natural, organic and non-toxic products in house...i guess, i need to start using all natural products to conserve and saving the earth. It starts from the individual itself...then, when everyone is doing the part in saving the earth, the impact will be bigger and better...right?

Don't we want to live in a very healthy environment? or do we just watch and see what happen next to the earth, then take action when it's too late?

So, friends...start going green - and save the earth, and contribute to nature!
Go Green, Save Green, Live Green!
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