Thursday, September 11, 2008

10 Principles That Will Change Your Financial Life Forever

Salaam Ramadhan,
I found this great book about managing financial especially my financial in everydays life.

This ebook is suitable for those who want to:
  • get out of debt including your mortgage, personal loan, car loan and whatever loan you have in this world;
  • gain immediate control of your personal finances
  • save 10% of your gross income and be able to predict how much money you will need to retire;
  • never argue with your partner about financial and budgeting.
I realize long ago that MONEY is EMOTIONAL, NOT MATHEMATICAL...but i never realized that I've been involved in this EMOTIONAL long ago, before i even knew that MONEY is EMOTIONAL.

First, you have to answer all the questions given before deciding not to agree with me that Money is Emotional, and Not Mathematical:
  1. How often do you argue with your spouse about money?
  2. Do you know exactly how much money you spent in the last week? On what exactly did you spend it?
  3. How much money do you save each month?
  4. What percent of your income goes toward paying off debt?
  5. What percentage of your income goes toward paying all taxes required of you?
Most of the answers given are startling:
  1. “We argue every day about money; it’s always an issue.”
  2. “I couldn’t tell you every single item I bought last week. It seems tedious to track all the expenses i've made"
  3. “We have more than $15,000 in credit card debt.”
  4. “Everyone buys on credit today; no one can survive without going into debt.”
  5. “I don’t ever put anything into savings; how can I? I barely have enough to pay my bills and all my taxes.”
  6. “We live from paycheck to paycheck; it seems like we’ll never get ahead.”
  7. “I have no idea how much of my paycheck goes towards paying taxes. I haven’t ever really given it any thought.”
Principle # 1 - Spending is Emotional;
Principle # 2 - When you track your money, you control it; - track all the expenses you've made..
Principle # 3 - Saving is actually delayed spending; - you save and later you'll spend all the money for the so called emergency cases
Principle # 4 - Power down your debt, and power up your fortune; - try to reduce your debt
Principle # 5 - Know the rules. - Cover your Risks;
Principle # 6 - The Rules are Always Changing;
Principle # 7 - Always Look at the Big Picture;
Principle # 8 - Organizing Your Finances Enables the Creation of Additional Wealth;
Principle # 9 - Understanding taxation allows you to keep more of your money;
Principle # 10 - Money in Motion Creates More Money.

Feel free to find the ebook in the internet if you want to read more...:)
Salaam Ramadhan
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