Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Travellingbie : Hotel Paradise Sandy Beach Resort, Tanjung Bungah, Penang

My first impression was, it was a SO-SO hotel with under expectation service from the staff there.Me and my fren reached the hotel at midnight...there is no warm and friendly welcome from the staff. The receptionist rarely smile to us, may be she was too tired to attend us as a midnight guess.

We have been given a 502 room number. When we entered the room..it was too big for the 2 of us as it was a break up room. The bedroom and the living room was separated and we were impressed with the size of the room actually, though some other things were not as nice as the room.Furthermore, the room has 2 corridor from the bedroom and living room....rasa macam duduk studio pulak.

However, the excitement was ruined by no accessories and tools in the toilet room. There was no towel and no toiletries there. We contacted the receptionist and she gave us a different room at 510 with toiletries at the middle of the night. We were too tired to complaint anything...just accepted that and went to sleep.

Before that i requested the iron form the housekeeping and i got a very dissapointed answer.”No iron at the moment”...what....a paradise hotel doesn’t have enough iron and we were asked by trying to call them again the next morning....mmmm...sampai pagi pun tak dapat....then, i called again the next afternoon for the iron and the housekeeper asked me to wait for 10 minutes....luckily less than 10 minutes somebody sent the iron...and till then they never took back the iron. no wonder there weren’t enough iron for the guess to use.

Food....The food was not really nice to see and not really nice to eat...this is the first outstation i attended, that i ate less than usual...the food was not really attempting to eat....though the deserts are many. They should provide more staff during lunch and dinner to attend the guess. The service was slow and guesses have to wait more than 10 minutes for them to eat on a clean table.Overall...it’s under expectation.

With a name Paradise, it was suppose to be a paradise for the guess...and not the other way round.This time, i didn’t even take a single picture on the hotel....Conclusion...not really recommended for those who are really take count on hospitality and wide variety choices of food to eat the hotel’s cafe.
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