Travellingbie : Steps for booking your AirAsia flight tickets (Updated)

Every time Air Asia starts promoting their promo tickets to any destinations, we will get excited. From the starting hours at 12 midnight, most of us will sacrifice our sleep in order to get the cheapest rate.

However, most of us especially those who are new with the booking system will eventually pay a lot more than just a ticket. 

They are not only pay for the tickets, but they also have to pay for airport taxes, seat allocation, luggage, insurance and the system has been set the default for all these charges. 

Here are some tips for those who only want to pay for the tickets + unavoidable taxes incurred: 
  1. Choose your date to travel and destinations in advanced before the PROMO TIME starts. Example: KL-KUCH-KL on 30th March to 1st April 2012. The ticket fare is RM34 from KL-KUCH and RM31 from KUCH-KL. Plus Airport tax and fuel surcharge for both will end up the total amount of RM100.00;
  2. Click Next;
  3. If you are a member of Air Asia, just login to process it faster;
  4. Then select your guest name. If you’re the one who travel, then choose your name. If you’re travelling with friends or families, make sure you have added your friends or families details in the Family & Friends List;
  5. Under Flight Options, on the same page, if you don’t have a big luggage to bring or if you are travelling light, Set the Baggage as No Checked Bag for both if you are buying a return tickets; 
  6. Then click Continue; 
  7. On the Page – Pick a Seat, you might not want to spend another RM30 + RM30 for the Priority Seat for both flights. Under the Seat Summary, Click on REMOVE for both seats;
  8. Then, Click Confirm and Continue >> OK;
  9. On the Page – Add OnsClick on Cancel for AirAsia Insure. You might have your own insurance. However, just ignore it if you want to have the insurance from AirAsia and it will cost you RM18.00. Click Cancel >> Then if you want to confirm the cancellation, Click on Cancel on the pop-up windows appear; 
  10. Then just click Next until you come to the payment page. You can either pay by credit card, eVouchers, or banking online; 
  11. If you are paying via credit card, there are a processing fees of RM10 will be incurred and charged together with the tickets. However, if you are paying the tickets via online banking, there will be no extra charges;
  12. Total RM that you need to pay = Return tickets + Airport tax for both + feuls charges for both destinations. However, if you are travelling abroad, the airport tax rate may differ. 
  13. Last but not least, happy booking and happy travelling to your desired destinations. Everyone can fly with AirAsia now…:-)


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