Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2019 Resolutions : Start your money resolution today in a fun way

If you haven't been in a good financial conditions, 2019 might be your year. If you can't consistently saving money from your only source of income, then you should put it in your resolutions this year.
"It's not your salary that makes your RICH, it's your spending habits."~Charles A.Jaffe
There are fun ways to save money. We just need to make it a habit. While putting aside money every month is very difficult, there are ways to save money from your pocket, and it's fun too. As much as you enjoy spending your money, you can actually have fun saving your money.
  1. Project RM1
    • This is the easiest way to save money in a fun way. Remember when you spend the money and give RM50 notes to the cashier, you definitely get a notes of RM1. Put it aside and save it in your savings jar. If you are able to save RM1 a day, you can eventually save RM365 a year and the money you save can bring you to a mini holiday. This is suitable for a person who have children and train them to save. Bukankah pendidikan kehidupan itu bermula dari rumah? Teach the children how to save and they will eventually appreciate the money that goes out from your pocket and appreciate the value of hard earning.
  2. Project RM5
    • OK, this is a bit advanced than the 1st suggestions and i believe working people like us or even a housewife can do this. When we received a cash balance from the cashier, take out the RM5 notes and put it aside from our wallet and immediately put it in a savings jar. This method is actually a simple and painless plan. It is also a great way to put aside some money for savings either for emergency, for savings, for travelling purpose, or for retirement (maybe), or even for groceries. If we continue and consistently save RM5 a day, then for 365 days our savings will be RM1,825.00 and with this amount of savings can bring us to overseas trip or buying a new smart phone or  even paying advancement for our new car or even a house.
  3. 52 weeks saving challenge
    • The 52 weeks saving challenge can be fun. For the 1st week, you will need to save RM1, then the following week, will increase to RM2 and continually to RM52 weeks. After 52 weeks, you'll end up savings RM1,378.00. Senang ke susah nak simpan? I think, we need to ask that questions to ourselves everyday. We can either do it in a reverse way. Start with RM52 per week first than reduce it gradually.
  4. Compartmentalize your spending
    • Compartmentalizing the spending can actually save your money from overspending. Example: Minus all the debts you have and if you still have balance after paying all debts, then you are quite lucky. Plan your weekly savings and put the money in the envelope. For each week there must be balance of spending. Don't mix the balance money into the next week. Don't you think it is fair? The 2nd week eventually have more money to spend than the 1st week. :)). So, to make it fair, any money balance from the 1st week, can be put in the savings jar. Left alone the money in week 2 or 3 or 4 to survive without any increment.
  5. Buy only necessary things. With the emergence of online shopping, people tend to spend more. Just a click from any smartphones, notebook or PC's, everyone can spend a lot.
There are a few suggestions on how to save money in our fun way. But if you think the suggestions is ridiculously impossible, then try to be broke. If you already broke, you will never be at the same situation again once you have determination and passion to save.

"Beware of little expenses, as they can be a huge burden in the future."~uark
Selamat mencuba dan Semoga tahun 2019 ini akan menjadikan anda bebas beban kewangan.

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