Sunday, November 11, 2012

Travellingbie : Week 7 Survival – Packing for Hawaii

The last week in Brunei has been hectic. With all the due date for few assignments, packing and preparing for travelling and other unforeseen events have made us super duper busy. However, the sad feeling of having to leave Brunei were filled in all of our heart besides the excitement of reaching Hawaii, the most remote island from the any mainland. 

Hawaii…wait for us. 

Our final presentation has been successfully delivered though there are many series of unfortunate events happened before the presentation and during the presentation. However, all went well and i'm glad that we are working together to make is successful. We can’t wait to finish our assignments and by the end of the day in Brunei…all the assignments have been handed to the lecturers. 

The farewell potluck has been successfully organized and there were a lot and a lot of food provided especially from our Bruneian friends…thank you all. 

Our luggage has been packed and most of our Muslims friends have been busy packing food to survive in Hawaii. We were told that food are extremely expensive in Hawaii and we expect to spend more on food than anything else. I want to bring more food in my luggage, but….the beg itself is already heavy and I carefully packed my things inside the bag so that, there will be no over-charged on the excess baggage. I've decided to bring only a few to survive and hoping that I’ll be slimming down within 4 weeks in Hawaii. :) we come
Brunei...wait for our return on the last day of the course :)

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