Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do you cry?...i do cry sometimes

Kenapa kita menangis???
kita menangis dengan berbagai sebab
…bila sesuatu yang buruk berlaku pada kita…
Bila perasaan kita dilukai…
kita juga kadang menangis bila membaca novel yang menyentuh jiwa atau ,melihat cerita sedih, atau membaca wasiat Rasulullah SAW sebelum baginda wafat…
kita menangis bila orang yang kita sayangi meninggalkan kita
Kita mungkin juga menangis disebabkan berbagai peristiwa dan keadaan yang menimpa diri kita
samaada kita bersedih, gembira, takut dan sebagainya, air mata yang keluar dari 2 mata kita itu sebenarnya berfaedah kepada kita.

“Cry it out and loud…it will make u feel a lot better”

Researchers have proved that emotional tears actually remove “stress hormones from the body” – you eventually feel the stress release after you cried it out.
While knowing that stress hormone can cause damage to our body, it can also cause damage to brain cells. The negative feeling causes by the stress hormones affect literally in the body system such as endocrine and immune system.

Crying is a very good way of eradicating the stress hormones in our body.
Crying is also the easiest, best and cheapest way to release emotional pain.

According the a study by University of South Florida psychologists Jonathan Rottenberg and Lauren M. Bylsma, along with their colleague Ad J.J.M. Vingerhoets of Tilburg University revealed that a good cry often makes us feel a lot better and think properly.
For the study more than 300 crying experiences (outside the laboratory) were observed, majority of the participants reported to have felt a lot better after crying where as one-third felt no difference whatsoever and a tenth felt all the more worse.
The individuals who received social support while they cried, are the ones who felt a lot more better after it was over. However, various studies till date could not produced a clear picture of the benefits of crying as the results often depend on how crying is studied. The researchers face quite a few challenges while studying crying behavior within a laboratory setting.
(Sources from – The Fact Behind Crying)

According to the article I’ve read from the website on how crying can make you healthier…It makes nine out of 10 people feel better, reduces stress, and may help to keep the body healthy. It's also free, available to almost everyone, and has no known side effects, other than wet tissues, red eyes and runny makeup. Crying may not be a blockbuster drug, but the latest research suggests it's highly effective at healing, and that it improves the mood of 88.8 per cent of weepers, with only 8.4 per cent feeling worse. So beneficial is it that the researchers suggest there may be a case for inducing crying in those who find it difficult to let go.
For crying, a uniquely human form of emotional expression, to have survived evolution, it should have a practical purpose and give some kind of survival advantage. Laughter and anger are both well known to have advantages. Laughter, for example, has been shown to promote healing, increase blood flow, reduce levels of stress hormones, boost the immune system and produce more disease-fighting compounds.
The phenomenon supports the so-called recovery theory, that emotional tears, and their contents, may be a way of getting the body back in balance after a stressful event. "I have suggested that we may feel better after crying because we are literally crying it out. Chemicals that build up during emotional stress may be removed in our tears when we cry,'' says William Frey, professor of pharmaceutics at the University of Minnesota. "Because unalleviated stress can increase our risk for heart attack and damage certain areas of our brain, the human ability to cry has survival value.''

The crying effect may differs – it depends on your situation – happy, miserable, fear, anger, helpless, and so much more…

Whatever situation you have, if you feel like crying…cry it out!

Don’t make yourself miserable in keeping it deep inside your heart. It makes you miserable, less hope, affect your relationship or friendship with others and eventually affect your quality of life.

It is OK to cry…it doesn’t make you weak, or showing your weaknesses or to attract someone’s attention

And last but not least…Do cry for a healthier you!

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