Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life is....

What is my perception on life?
How do i percieve life?
What is my mission and vision of life?
Why do i live and...
How do i live my life to the fullest?
What are my efforts to achieved success in life and hereafter?

Questioning myself at this age...makes me ponder, how much time i've wasted and spent unwisely?, how many person i've hurt and loved and how many person i've bumped into?, how many lessons i've learned to make me a better person?, or how many lessons i've ignored and forgot to practice in everydays life?, how much money i've spent unwisely, spending on unnecessary things in life....is it too much?....and the lists of questions goes on and on...

There's too many of them, too much time and money wasted and too little time left

What if, i have no more days in life....what if i only have one day in life...?
What will i do? What will you do, if you're in my position???

Well...it doesn't matter how much time left to live in this world...
but it do matters when we doesn't care less about our surrounding - the earth that we live in, our loved one no matter what, who and where they are, our friends and families, our nature and other living creatures who shares the same earth, air and water with us...

Selagi ruh tidak ditarik dan dicabut dari jasad...berusahalah kita untuk memberi manfaat kepada orang lain, berusahalah kita untuk memberi bahagia kepada orang lain, berusahalah kita mencapai cinta, berusahalah kita untuk tidak putus asa dengan rahmat Tuhan, berusahalah kita untuk mengejar apa yang kita cita-citakan, berusahalah kita ke arah kebaikan, berusahalah kita mengejar cinta hakiki...berusahalah kita mengejar akhirat yang sekaligus kita mendapat dunia...dan beruntunglah orang yang mendapat kedua-duanya...n

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